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20 years of diversity and inclusion at Alamy

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Diversity and inclusion means creating an opportunity for unheard stories to be shared and to encourage active listening. Listening to people outside our usual circles, listening to new perspectives, listening to new ideas. At Alamy, we encourage everybody’s story to be told and illustrated through the visual representations depicted in our library.

That’s why for over 20 years, our images have been illustrating people’s stories through the ages from the Hadzabe tribe in Tanzania to the tradition of Ama diving in Japan, and many other inspirational stories. Recently, we partnered with Global Press who are doing amazing work reinventing journalism so that local stories can be told with nuance and care.

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Matt Yau

Matt started off as a live music photographer covering up-and-coming bands in Brighton, and since then has become enamoured by the power of pictures. With a penchant for storytelling, he's on a mission to uncover unique images from the Alamy library and tell the story behind them.

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